50 Cent - The New Breed

The New Breed 50 Cent

  1. Heat
  2. The Realest Nigga (feat. Notorious B.I.G)
  3. If I Can't (Remix) (feat. Jay-Z)
  4. Power Of The Dollar
  5. In Da Club
  6. Wanksta
  7. Too Hot (feat. Nas& Nature)
  8. Who U Rep With (feat. Nas&bravehearts)
  9. As The World Turns (feat. Too Short & U.G.K.)
  10. U Not Like Me
  11. In Da Hood (feat. Brooklyn)
  12. Patiently Waiting (feat. Eminem)
  13. Back Down
  14. Check It (feat. Sean Paul)
  15. Your Life's On The Line
  16. Thug Love (Remix) (feat. Eminem & Destiny's Child)
  17. Military Discipline (feat. G-Unit)
  18. Heat Ja Diss (feat. G-Unit)
  19. That's What's Up (feat. G-Unit)
  20. How To Rob A Industry Nigga (feat. Madd Rapper)
  21. Rotten Apple